About Us

We are a Refuge: We strive to be “a retreat inside the city”, where people can experience relief from the stress of modern life. We maintain a place of refuge through the way that we engage and set the tone within our space. Cleanliness, aesthetics, respect for the energy of a space, caliber of teaching community and thoughtfulness in how we engage with the objects in the space are all ways that we practice being a Refuge.

We provide an environment that supports:

  • Individual Purpose: through ritual, reflection, philosophy, community, embodiment, practice and contemplation.
  • Self care, nurturing and healing: Through practice for ourselves and teaching our students, we encourage self-nurturance, self-love, self-acceptance and body positivity. We teach skills for overcoming self-abandoning or self-limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits. We acknowledge that yoga is a powerful practice and a powerful medicine. While our different classes and teachers each provide a different intensity and remedy, each being the “right medicine” for a different person, we orient around the value of healing and supporting sustainability, health, growth and safety.
  • Creativity and Right Brain Engagement: We encourage teaching and practicing yoga in a way that balances and reinforces the power of right brain experiences. We use our hallways as gallery space for visual art, offer artist residencies for performing artists and frequently offer special programming and workshops to help people engage their right brain through creative practice.
  • Social Justice and Community Relevance: We strive to create a welcoming place for all community members who seek peace, and to be as accessible as possible to people of different religions, ethnicities, incomes, races, gender and sexual orientations, ages, sizes, abilities and trauma histories.

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