Becoming the eye of the tornado

I started teaching Mom and Baby Yoga out of the need to survive. In the early days of my son’s life, there was a meltdown at home every time I tried to leave to teach a class, we couldn’t afford childcare, and being a nursing mother it just made sense to have my baby with me. I couldn’t bring him to my other classes, but the Mom/Baby class was a different feel entirely. With my decade of yoga teaching experience and my newfound discoveries about postnatal recovery, I was able to help many of my students feel better and relieve the stress of new motherhood through our shared yoga practice, even amidst the chaos of crying, nursing and diaper changing.

Then my son turned into a toddler, and it was a whole new ball game.I started welcoming other moms of toddlers to bring in their children, and pretty soon we were doing yoga in the middle of a tornado. At the end of each class we would look around us and all of the mats had been unrolled, all of the yoga blocks had been piled and then toppled, the toys strewn in every corner, and we would laugh as our toddlers helped us clean it up.

I still struggle with childcare costs, so I divide my work days into “things I can do with August around” and “things I do when I have childcare”.It is important to me to regularly practice yoga when I have time to myself, so that I can connect with subtle anatomy, delve deeper into myself, close my eyes, and completely surrender.However, it is not out of the question to practice yoga with my toddler-it is just a completely different kind of yoga! Being a parent is like living in a balance pose–it is inevitable that you will fall from time to time, but the more you practice the more you can manage to find your center in any situation.I have come to think of yoga with my little one as practice in becoming the calm eye at the center of the tornado.

I am offering our new Yoga Play Date class for other people who, like myself, may not be able to pay for childcare every time they want to practice yoga, who would like to share the positive influence of yoga with their little ones, and who enjoy meeting other parents and caregivers.

You can join August and I every Wednesday from 11-11:45am starting May 7th!

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