Change your life with a yoga retreat

To be honest, I am new to the world of yoga retreats. I have been teaching yoga for 11 years, but I spent much of that time devoted to my work as a theater artist, and all of my vacation days and extra money went to artistic retreats. For 3 different winters, I had the honor of being awarded an artistic retreat at Caldera, which is an artist colony located just west of Sisters, OR. This is how I first found out how magical the mountains of Central Oregon are. The first winter that I visited Caldera, I experienced profound personal revelations, met my future husband, and created a theater production that remains to this day one of my favorite pieces that I have ever made. There was something about the pace of life on retreat that was incredibly liberating–no errands to run, no cars to get in, just gorgeous trails to hike and big, bright stars at night that feel so close you could whisper your deepest wishes to them and maybe they could even hear you. After falling in love with this area of Oregon I was thrilled to be invited to teach my very first yoga retreat last November at the Fivepine lodge in Sisters. The turnout was intimate and the weather took a turn for the extreme cold, but retreats have a kind of power to them that you just can’t understand until you try one. Our small group formed a close connection, and our relationship to yoga deepened. My husband came along for the retreat and was (somewhat) forced to practice yoga more times in 4 days than he had all year. He was able to experience great relief from a shoulder injury,and truly discover the benefits of slowing down and taking time to commit to a yoga practice. I had enticed him out there with the promise of his great love, mountain biking, which we unfortunately had to miss due to the weather. Luckily for him, we have been invited back to host a second retreat, from April 19th-22nd, and we expect the weather to be perfect for some trail rides. I am excited to return to my role as a retreat facilitator, particularly right before I go on maternity leave and take a break from teaching for a few months.I hope you can join me for a few days of rest, inspiration, and deepening your relationship to yourself and others through the power of yoga. Also, great food, luxury, and your own personal mountain bike guide and teacher!

-Kate Holly is the owner of Yoga Refuge and an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher.


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