Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow

The Dance of Vinyasa…The body and the breath dance together through challenge, ease, flow and grace. Inspire yourself by discovering new levels of capacity and willingness in your body. Vinyasa is an invigorating, uplifting and energetic practice. A relatively fast pace, strong poses and more challenges make this practice a good fit for students who have some experience with yoga. A wonderful way to energize your day!

Alignment Focused Flow

Alignment Focused Flow is an accessible blend of slow, mindful, flowing sequences that interweave the Hatha principles of longer held poses. This class moves dynamically through familiar shapes (asana), while integrating a strong focus on the principles of anatomy and alignment. Alignment Focused Flow is designed to foster a greater understanding of our body mechanics in asana while cultivating the sensory awareness that ultimately leads us to greater depths of inner and outer strength, balance, and resilience – both on and off the mat.

Hatha Flow

Alignment in Action…This slow-flow class moves at a moderate pace, with time and attention given to learning deep, subtle alignment in a way that addresses both our shared anatomical landmarks and the ways in which our bodies move uniquely. Hatha Flow is similar to Vinyasa Flow, in that movements are deeply integrated with the support and rhythm of the breath. This practice an ideal primer for students who are working towards a Vinyasa Flow practice, as well as an ideal fit for advanced students who prefer taking more time in postures and studying subtle anatomy and alignment in more detail.


The Harmony of Hatha…The word Hatha translates to the sun and the moon, and is the original term used to refer to the physical practice of yoga. Since this branch of yoga has become so widespread and varied, Hatha tends to refer to a more traditional yoga class, which balances the aspects of the sun (masculine, strength building, heat building, requiring vigor and effort), and the aspects of the moon (feminine, cooling, receptive, restorative). In our hatha classes, we often integrate the grace and beauty of breath, mantra, mudra, yoga philosophy and mindfulness into a balanced asana practice. Hatha is a lovely introduction to yoga for those who are newer to the practice, while also providing challenge to experienced practitioners who want to learn a deeper level of presence, concentration and subtlety in their practice.

Alignment Focused Hatha

Alignment Focused Hatha is a great fit for students with some prior yoga experience who want a practice with subtlety, skill, grace and in-depth learning. This class lends a focus on alignment details and subtle body awareness. This class is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of asana, pranayama, and mindfulness.

Yoga for Strength and Stability

This class integrates sustainable strength conditioning to increase efficiency and ease in both yoga asana and everyday functional movements. Improve your range of motion, mobility, motor control and balance and gain confidence through this safe and sustainable practice. Learn to use resistance bands, sandbags, and your own body weight to develop strength, and promote stabililty. This class is truly designed for all levels: it is an excellent entry point for beginners and yogis who are rehabilitating an injury, while also serving more advanced yogis that want to cross train in functional movement. A great pairing with our “Gentle Yoga” classes.

Gentle Yoga

The Quiet Power of Gentleness…Gentle Yoga classes will require cultivating a much needed rest ethic in our hectic culture of work ethic and burnout. These classes soothe the nervous system, stroll through easy breathing practices, touch on mindfulness and meditation, and take the body through nurturing postures and movements. This is an ideal practice for students with any level of yoga experience and any level of physical fitness.


The Dream of Restorative Yoga…Restorative yoga involves letting the body completely relax in postures that are subtle, gentle and often supported by props. This practice creates space and ease in the body, and creates an atmosphere which soothes the nervous system and allows the mind to quiet, or pleasantly daydream without attachment or stress. Restorative yoga is profoundly supportive of overall health, and can immediately relieve fatigue, stress and overwhelm. This class is appropriate for students with any level of yoga experience and any level of physical fitness.


The Art of Stillness…Yin yoga invites the body and mind to learn to pause together in stillness, through long holds in gentle stretches. The duration of the postures creates its own level of intensity, and allows the muscles to relax more deeply so that other systems of the body might have a new experience of the postures. Yin yoga can make a deeper impact on fascia and connective tissue, release of the bones, spaciousness and awareness of the internal organs, increase in the free flow of body fluids and so on. Some teachers integrate Chinese Meridian Theory into Yin Yoga, others integrate meditation practice as the foundation and purpose of a Yin asana practice. Yin yoga can feel similar to Restorative yoga, but is slightly more challenging for some students, as it can require a higher level of concentration and patience, and some of the poses generate more intensity in physical sensation.
This class is appropriate for students with any level of yoga experience and any level of physical fitness.