Private Yoga Therapy

Private Yoga Therapy and Life Coaching Services with Yoga Refuge founder, Kate Holly (ERYT-500, MFA)

Many people come to yoga seeking major changes to their lives. Whether you are looking to rehabilitate a specific injury or physical limitation, to feel more connected to your dharma (your life’s purpose), to awaken your spiritual connection, to know yourself better, to feel more alive and confidant, or to change a specific habit, yoga has tools to support you. Some people come to yoga not quite sure what it is they want from it, but knowing that it is supposed to be “good for them”.

I started merging my private yoga therapy work with coaching in 2016, when I realized that many of my clients had deeper mindset issues, lifestyle challenges and limiting beliefs that were keeping them from realizing their goals with yoga.  I now offer my clients a choice: We can work just with the tools of yoga, we can work just with the tools of coaching, or we can combine them.

I create individualized, custom support for each of my clients, drawing from the many tools of my training. Clients leave with a recording of sessions, as well as a yoga sequence they can practice at home, and some other take-home assignments to support their goals.


If you work with me, you can expect to be supported in the following ways:

  • Repair and nurture your relationship to your body, so that any changes you seek (weight loss, pain relief, improved alignment, etc.) come from a place of deep self-love and self-acceptance, rather than perfectionism and sacrifice.
  • Clarify your dreams for your life and your wellness, and the small goals you can focus on now to achieve them.
  • Understand how to experience the vast benefits of yoga even if you have physical or psychological reasons that keep group classes from being a good fit for you.
  • Learn how to build self-care into your busy life as a regular, non-negotiable daily routine.
  • Bring insight and intuition to your limiting beliefs about yourself, your health, your body or your happiness in order to move beyond your conditioning into living a life you truly want.
  • Benefit from the accountability of working regularly with someone who hears you, sees you and believes in you.
  • Find union between your mental/emotional/psychological needs and your physical needs: no more compartmentalizing your healing process.

About me:

I have been teaching yoga since 2003, and founded Yoga Refuge in 2014. I completed my 200-hr teacher training at the Movement Center, my 300-hr teacher training in yoga therapy with Sarahjoy Marsh at the DAYA Foundation, and I hold an MFA in Contemporary Performance from the Buddhist-inspired Naropa University. I am also a certified 200-hr AYL Master Life Coach. My work draws on the tools of all of these trainings and disciplines, with the primary intention of helping people to know and love themselves, in order that they may experience life as the rich and meaningful gift that it is. I am also the mother of two young boys so please note: I understand that the struggle is real 🙂