“I’m hypermobile & had suffered from calcific rotator cuff tendonitis for years.
After failed physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, etc., I decided to give yoga a try.
Kate created our sessions around my injury and through our work I regained mobility and strengthened muscle tone.
Kate will provide you a detailed & personalized yoga experience and guide you through proper form in a comfortable environment – you won’t regret scheduling time with her.”

-Amanda S.

“My husband & I were lucky enough to have (private) lessons with Kate for a few years before we moved away and they were great! She is knowledgable, communicative, thoughtful & aware of her students’ needs and abilities. She always checked in with us to see what we needed and gave us tools that we use in our daily lives. Our time with Kate will always be a gift we gave ourselves.”

-Hester O.

Shortly after I started practicing yoga at the Yoga Refuge it became apparent that I needed extra support for a repetitive motion injury I sustained at work…I signed up with Kate for three private classes in which Kate researched and applied all her knowledge of how yoga exercises that would strengthen the muscles I needed to strengthen to be able to practice in class. With Kate’s expertise and nurture I am learning to practice yoga in a way I can.

-H. B.

I thought of Kate’s remarkably broad experience with body/spirit/creativity trainings from both a physical, theatre artist and a yoga adept’s perspective and so, out of the blue, I decided to call her. Being now a ‘senior’ in age, morbidly obese by Western medical measures, and labeled disabled, I was scared to even try yoga again. But Kate allayed my fears.

Kate generously took me where I was, filled with challenges and fears, stiff muscles, desires, tight hamstrings, wobbly balance, and hopes for recovery. Her sensitivity to spirit and energy combined with her extraordinary understanding of muscle mechanics and body-breathing-mind-soul-energy systems helped me to begin to recover less restricted movement, and rediscover a more centered and vital self in body and mind. And now, for the first time in many years, I can actually get up from the floor! Whoo hoo!!

This is a long road I am walking, that many of us walk. I cannot imagine a more sensitive, skilled, and deeply spirited guide to help me on this journey than Kate.

-Melinda P.

I booked a private lesson to learn some new poses and go over my existing yoga routine to integrate into my daily yoga practice at home. My one-hour lesson served as a great inspiration; as a newcomer to yoga, not only did I learn new poses to use at home, I was also able to improve my existing yoga routine. Kate’s attention to detail helped to improve my posture in the positions and get my alignment right, and with a private session I was able to get instant feedback and inspiration for poses to help with my back and shoulder problems. Kate is an excellent instructor, supporting and encouraging, as well as very approachable. I would wholeheartedly recommend a private yoga session with her.