The Year Long Yoga Habit

What would it do for you if you could finally build a regular yoga habit?
And what if you could do it without feeling overwhelmed, overworked or disappointed in yourself?
How would you feel if you could stick to this for an entire year?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Every few weeks (or months) you remember that you’d like to be taking better care of yourself, but your attempts at self-care come in fits and bursts, rarely sticking around to become a regular habit.
  • You give to others all day, and by the time you get around to thinking about your own needs you feel too depleted to even get off the couch.
  • You make plans to go to yoga, but something else always seems to come up, so you tell yourself you’ll go “next time”, and “next time” keeps getting pushed back.
  • You have a vague and mysterious cloud of resistance that keeps you from doing yoga, even when you have it on your calendar and have no real reason not to.
  • Your commitment to self-care seems to be seasonal: you can stick with it for a few months, but then it just disappears into an abyss. You would love to be build unconditional self-care habits that can stick around for an entire year.

The Year Long Yoga Habit is an innovative and one-of-a-kind program that was designed with you in mind by Life Coach and Yoga Therapist, Kate Holly.

Kate Holly, Yoga Refuge PDX

This program is not another 30-day yoga challenge or Instagram trend. This program is not going to take over your life and become a draining commitment.

This program was designed to leverage the proven power of regular, in-person one-on-one accountability and community, along with a thorough understanding of habits, motivation and the science of transformation. It is designed to be realistic and easily achievable, while also asking for a level of investment, commitment and duration that will stretch your motivation to a new timeframe, allowing you to hurdle over your normal quitting cycle and into a new way of living.

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to take small, realistic and actionable steps to create a sustainable yoga and self-care routine that is built to last.
  • You are ready to make yourself a priority on your to-do list.
  • You have struggled to practice yoga as consistently as you want to, and you’re tired of disappointing yourself by setting goals that never come to fruition.
  • You show up for others even when you won’t show up for yourself.
  • You are drowning in your responsibilities, and struggle to find the time and energy to take care of yourself at the end of each busy day and week.
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How does it work?

Monthly Coaching Sessions

Our monthly one-on-one coaching sessions will support you in getting out of your own way. Through clarifying the deeper meaning of your goals, providing accountability, designing small, actionable habit changes that are easily achievable, and providing a platform for deeper examination of your own resistance and how to lessen it, you will leave these sessions feeling inspired, recharged, and able to see and celebrate your own progress.

Weekly Home Practices

You will receive an e-mail every week that will include bite-sized yoga and habit change tools and home practice suggestions for different life circumstances (Yoga you can do at the office! Yoga you can do while your kids play minecraft! Yoga for when you are stuck in terrible traffic!). Your weekly e-mail will include journal prompts, inspiring ideas from yoga philosophy that you can integrate into your daily life to reduce stress and increase joy, and encouragement to sign up for your weekly yoga classes.

Monthly Zoom (video conference) classes

Get to know fellow Year Long Yoga Habit members on our monthly 90-minute Zoom gatherings. This monthly class will delve into common challenges and questions that are coming up along the way, including a little bit of extra coaching for whoever shows up. Class recordings are sent to everybody in the group, so you can fit these into your schedule anytime.


What if I’m too busy or overwhelmed to do yoga?

The effectiveness of this program is that it meets you where you are. We may start small, with assignments that only take you 10 minutes a week! We will gradually build yoga and self-care into your life in a way that is realistic and attainable for your unique schedule. I regularly help my clients find time they didn’t know they had. Overwhelm is not a specific measurement-it is a feeling, and we will move you out of it and into action.

What if I’m new to yoga?

This program is a great way to support entering a yoga practice for the first time! You will get personalized guidance to take the classes that are right for you, and our monthly private sessions will support you with growth, questions and challenges that arise.

What if I can’t stick with it for the entire year?
Do I still have to pay?

This program is not for everybody. You will need to invest time, money and energy to achieve your goals. You will need to be willing to play the long game. Your financial investment is part of what puts you on the hook to show up for yourself. The personalized support and accountability is what motivates you to stick around. We are confident that everyone who shows up and does the work will get a huge return on their investment, and we will stand by that claim: If you try the program for 60 days and decide its not for you, we will refund 75% of your investment in studio credit at Yoga Refuge. You must participate fully in the program offerings in order to qualify for this refund.

I’m not sure if this is right for me, can you help me decide?

You bet! Schedule a free 30-minute consult with program director and Yoga Refuge founder, Kate Holly to find out if the Year Long Yoga Habit is a fit for you.

Yoga Refuge Portland

What past and current clients are saying:

“Checking-in with you helped me stay accountable and focused on action steps toward accomplishing my goals. Our work together influenced my yoga practice by ensuring that I made time for it. My relationship to yoga has deepened over the time spent with you by the encouragement to practice regularly. I now eat healthier, I make time for exercise. You made me a recording of a restorative yoga practice that I use to down regulate before bed–I sleep much better when I practice that routine. I feel more confident out in the world knowing that I have you as a resource. I have the strength to believe in myself when outside of my comfort zone.”

– Geoff Fey, current client


“I was feeling “maxed out” mentally, physically, spiritually just exhausted. I wanted to feel better. Working with someone as open and caring as you helped me immensely. I was given assignments that were specific and reasonable. I had enjoyed yoga in the past, but had some significant physical limitations in my second pregnancy that had led me down a sedentary path. Working together immensely altered my perspective. I had been taking my work home with me, not getting enough sleep, not exercising regularly. I did not always choose the best foods as a way to cope with my exhaustion. I have lost 15 lbs over the course of this year without dieting. I am committed to taking time for myself and have so much more patience with others that I care for in my life…I am excited about new possibilities.”

– Emily Bennett, former client


“With your help, I am recognizing issues and blockages around my goals. I stay motivated to see you because I know I feel better afterwards. You helped take fear out of yoga. I am so glad I found Yoga Refuge!”

– Kelly F., current client


“I have made good progress on learning to make my body feel better. I felt much more motivated to stay focused on my goals knowing that I would be checking in each week. You helped me prioritize my goals by weekly feedback and support. I have never been a “athletic” individual. Your one-on-one support allowed me to try things I would never have felt comfortable doing with a group. Your positive approach of trying to understand what my physical limits were and what my personal goals were helped me try new ideas. I take more time for myself and try to prioritize my needs. I am trying to live “in the moment” using my breath and body. You gave me tools that I was able to take home to continue my yoga instruction through the week.”

– Tricia M., current client


“For me, yoga is one of the primary medicines for my mind body and soul. This practice is key for keeping my autoimmune disease in remission, and for me to have the mental capacity and energy to make decisions that empower my life. My work with Kate brought yoga into more layers of my human experience…My life has taken a big turn in the last year since I starting working with Kate. The regularity of our meetings kept a healthy rhythm in my life during a time that could have been very overwhelming. Her coaching techniques brought me back to a place of stillness, where I could amplify my goals from my own grounded energy. She helped me create an accessible self care routine that really allowed me to flourish in my mental and physical health over the last year. It was so nice to have someone keeping me accountable in a way that felt totally supportive and encouraging. Each session Kate was there in full presence and keen awareness for the best use of our time together. I really appreciated her wisdom and insight, as it was always used to remind me of my own truth.”

– Eliana Shapiro, former client


“Our work has been really helpful to me in illuminating hidden obstacles to my goals and helping me to troubleshoot them. I have been much more active and have felt more empowered and clear as a result of our work together. I also now have a personalized, recorded yoga practice to use. You helped me to gently uncover some blind spots that had been keeping me stuck and gave me a dedicated, safe space to hear myself and recognize self-limiting language. I knew I’d be seeing you so I had that accountability, and you didn’t judge me when I didn’t meet my goals and helped me to figure out why. I avoided slowing down because I was afraid that my experience would be too overwhelming due to some life stressors. I now see my yoga time as a sanctuary and have found ways to make it a part of my lifestyle. I feel less guilty about taking self-care time and I feel less conflicted. Our work has really helped me during a difficult time and I feel healthier and more optimistic and balanced because of it.”

– J.H., Current client

Ready to start your best year yet?

Kate Holly Yoga Bliss

What you get:

  • 12 months of unlimited yoga classes at Yoga Refuge ($1296 value)
  • Monthly, 60-minute Coaching & Yoga therapy session with Kate Holly (12 total, $1500 value)
  • Live online classes: Monthly 90-minute classes with themes to support your yoga habit and community support from other YLYH participants on Zoom (recorded for convenience, 12 total) (value of $360)
  • (Optional) Get thoughtfully paired with an accountability buddy from within the group: someone to stay in touch with and go to classes with!
  • Weekly accountability newsletter from Kate with tips on staying the course, practice prompts, and short, realistic home practices (52 total, value of $780)
  • This program begins February 1st, 2019 and goes through January 31st, 2020

Total combined value: $3936


Offered at:

Pay in full investment: $2495 (save $145)
Monthly payments: $220month with 12-month commitment

Add-on for current members (everything except unlimited yoga classes):

Pay in full investment: $1395 (save $105)
Monthly payments: $125/month with 12-month commitment

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Not sure yet? Find out if the Year Long Yoga Habit is a fit for you: Schedule a free 30-minute consult with program director and Yoga Refuge founder, Kate Holly.